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Why EMS?

Feature stack

Elevate your event management with ERA EMS – the ultimate platform for seamless and impactful events.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your experience with a drag-and-drop interface. Easily arrange and prioritize key information for a personalized view.

Smart Ticketing System

Revolutionize the ticketing process with seamless online sales and dynamic seat selection. Ensure a smooth experience for organizers and attendees.

Real-time Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with our real-time analytics. Track attendance, monitor engagement, and gain valuable insights instantly.

Integrated Attendee Engagement Tool

Foster interaction with integrated tools. From personalized notifications to interactive Q&A sessions, ERA EMS ensures a memorable experience for participants.

Build, organize, and collaborate

Form maker

Revolutionize your events effortlessly with our powerful Form Maker. Seamlessly create custom forms, collaborate effortlessly, and elevate your events with efficiency and control.

Events programme

Discover the heartbeat of your event with our dynamic Events Programme. From captivating keynotes to interactive sessions, our curated schedule ensures a seamless flow of excitement and engagement. Dive into an unforgettable agenda designed to elevate every moment of your event.

EMS solutions are developed for all types of events

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Partners List

Events Panel

Website Settings

Cabinet Settings

Marketing Services

Technical Services

Sponsorship Packages

Orders Panel

QR Generator

Badge System

Delegates System

Rigger System

B2B System

Translate System

Mail System

Visa Regime Panel

Reports Panel

Import Panel

Export Panel


Explore our Companies Panel for a comprehensive view of esteemed partners and exhibitors. Connect with industry leaders, discover innovative solutions, and pave the way for meaningful collaborations. Elevate your event with diverse expertise and opportunities showcased in our Companies Panel.

Join the 100+ companies that use our software to power collaboration

Technical services

Empower exhibitors with innovation! Our cutting-edge Technical Services in the admin panel lets exhibitors order equipment directly. Ignite efficiency, elevate collaboration, and ensure every booth shines with the latest tech. Welcome to a new era of event management where vision meets blazing execution!

Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

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Maximize event success with our advanced Visitors section in the admin panel. Dive into real-time analytics, monitor attendee engagement, and craft a personalized visitor experience.

Empower your event strategy with insightful data, ensuring each guest plays a pivotal role in elevating your event's prominence. Discover the tools for effective visitor management and engagement, making your event stand out in online searches.

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Unlock business opportunities with our platform. Connect businesses, foster partnerships, and elevate your industry network. Seamlessly matchmake and collaborate with our powerful platform. Take charge of your connections and watch your opportunities grow.

Empower connections for success. Whether showcasing innovations or seeking the next big thing, our platform facilitates seamless interactions. Join the hub of opportunities and make meaningful business connections effortlessly.

Customize your B2B experience effortlessly with intuitive System Settings. Tailor preferences, streamline processes, and ensure seamless functionality. Take control, optimizing the platform to match your unique business needs.

Effortlessly schedule key appointments. Connect seamlessly, making every moment count for your business goals.


ERA's event management system exceeded our expectations! Customizable dashboards and seamless ticketing made our event a breeze. A game-changer in the industry! John Smith, Event Organizer

John Smith

Incredible experience with ERA EMS! Real-time analytics gave us valuable insights, and collaborative features enhanced attendee engagement. Highly recommended for any event professional! Emily Jones, Marketing Manager

Emily Jones

The Companies Panel simplified our exhibitor interactions. Ordering technical services was a breeze, thanks to ERA's user-friendly system. A must-have for any exhibition organizer! Alex Rodriguez, Exhibition Coordinator

Alex Rodriguez

ERA's Visitors section transformed how we engage with our audience. Data-driven decisions empowered our team, and personalized experiences resonated well with attendees. A powerful tool for event success! Sarah Williams, Event Manager

Sarah Williams

Efficiency at its finest! The B2B matchmaking system streamlined our connections, making exhibitor-buyer interactions seamless. ERA is the backbone of our successful business partnerships. Michael Chang, Business Owner

Michael Chang